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“Senior Banker”

Posted on Sep 22, 2012 in Short Films

“Senior Banker” is a short film co-directed, co-wrote and edited for the 2012 Seattle 48 Hour Film Project.   This won an “Audience Choice” award.

Essentially we had 48 hours conceive, write, cast, film, edit, export and deliver a short film. It was an interesting experience. I was up 29 hours straight and was getting a little delirious towards the end while editing, but it more or less worked out.

2012 Requirements:

Character: Reginald or Regina Worthington, Banker
Prop: a traffic cone
Line: “Holy crap! Did that really just happen?”

The genre we pulled out of a hat: “Film De Femme”

Cast and Crew

Core Production Crew:

Producer – Michael Bartley

Co-Directors – Michael Bartley, David Kennedy, Jeff Alldridge, Ryan Macy

Writers – David Kennedy, Jeff Alldridge, Michael Bartley

Editor – David Kennedy

Cinematographer – Matthew Macy

Extended Crew:

Jeff Alldridge – Writing/Creative

Josh Chambers – Grip

Jessi Jay – Production Support

Mike Lopez – Music |

Megan Nolan – Production Manager

Brit Weichert – Production Support


Sterling Alldridge – Little Boy

Megan Arpin – Laughing Woman

Keith Bartley – Smoking Man

Zach Laughlin – Office Worker #1

Megan Nolan – Receptionist

Clare O’Connor – Regina Worthington

Josh Smyth – Laughing Boss

Marza Warsinke – Sally

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  1. Jenn

    It’s good to get a fresh way of loinkog at it.

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