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Look at all the Rose Petals

Posted on Aug 8, 2009 in Misc. Editing

A wonderful couple named Tess Stelzer and Eric Wolfe commissioned me to create their wedding video back in late 2009. This was one of my first attempts at shooting/editing a wedding video. The wedding was to be held in beautiful Wellspring Spa in Mount Rainier, Ashford, WA. This was a unique couple with a unique wedding and they were very vocal about not wanting a “traditional” cliche wedding video. When I asked them what specifically they wanted, they gave me a catalog of their wedding music and suggested that the video should be “about an hour long”.

An hour long…

An hour long wedding video. An hour is a lot of video. It seemed a bit daunting. That would be less “wedding video” and more “feature-length wedding documentary”, but they were an awesome couple and I was up for the challenge.

The film was so long, I was forced to split it into 3 parts when uploading it online.

“Oh Wow… Look At All the Rose Petals” Part 1 – “Pre-Wedding”

“Oh Wow… Look At All the Rose Petals” Part 2 – “Wedding Ceremony”

“Oh Wow… Look At All the Rose Petals” Part 3 – “Post-Wedding”


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