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“The Emerald City”

Posted on Jul 27, 2013 in Featured, Short Films

TheEmeraldCityposter“The Emerald City” is the short film I Produced, Directed, Co-Wrote and Edited for the 2013 Seattle 48 Hour Film Project.   This won the award for “best use of line” as well as an Audience Choice Award (my second year in a row winning the award).

61 teams had 48 hours to create a 4-7 minute short film.  Each team had to include the following elements:

2013 Requirements:

Prop:  Cheese

Character:  Gino/Gina Asplund, a Barista

Line of Dialogue:  “There must be something in your ear”

The genre we picked out of a hat:  Fantasy


The 520 bridge (which connects Bellevue and Seattle) was closed the weekend of the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project.

Note:   Because this was for the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project, it is very heavy in Seattle-area humor.  Bellevue is a city in the “Eastside” region of King County.   It is separated from Seattle by Lake Washington.  Most commuters use the 520 bridge to travel between the two.  Unfortunately, the weekend of the 48 Hour film project, the 520 bridge was closed.   This made it difficult for my team to get between the two cities that weekend, because our headquarters was at my home in Bellevue.   We thought it would be funny to include that in our film.  Also, we were just poking fun at the fact that most of the time us Bellevue residents invite our Seattleite friends to visit, they cause a massive stink about traveling to the Eastside.  “Nobody goes to the Eastside!”

Cast and Crew

Producer/Director – David Kennedy

Production Coordinator – Anthony Ward

Written By – David Kennedy, Daniel Dagris, Angela Herr, AJ Thompson, John McIntosh, Anthony Ward


Judy – Ann Trigg

Party Guest – John McIntosh

Lolli – Anthony Ward

Urban Farmer Scarecrow – David Kennedy

Witch – Isabel Hartinger

Hipster Tin Man – Daniel Dagris

Raver Lion – AJ Thompson

Gino Asplund/Wizard – Patrick Tyler Quigley


Director of Photography – David Kennedy

B-Camera Operator – John McIntosh

Second Unit Director – John McIntosh

Production Assistant – Jim Bracher

Editor – David Kennedy

Assistant Editor – AJ Thompson

Visual Effects Supervisor – John McIntosh

Script Supervisor – Daniel Dagris

Music Supervisor – Angela Herr

Costume and Makeup – Evelyn Gamage

Chief Lighting Technician – Jim Bracher

Audio Engineer – AJ Thompson

Best Boy – Kitty Tinney

Craft Services – Daniel Mentzer, Kitty Tinney


Tenderfoot – “Go On & Go”

GLITTERBANG – “Constable”, “Witch Disco”, “RVRS”, “Excuse Us for Pirate Rocking”,  “Tread Lightly”

Pony Time – “Geordie”


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