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Southern Illinois University

Posted on Mar 28, 2013 in Case Studies

A case study video about how Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is using Smartsheet to teach their students project management skills.  I shot this on location in Edwardsville, IL.

Students at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville receive an innovative education that fuses the functional areas of modern business, like project management techniques, and the soft skills necessary to be successful in the working world. Through looking for simple software tools and methods to help engage students, and provide a better education, the business school instructional staff at SIUE found Smartsheet. What began as a solution for a course on group projects grew quickly as it resonated with students and met their needs. Here, all members of the SIUE community — from students to the Dean — come together to share how Smartsheet teaches the basics of project management, meets the needs of the modern student, and instills real life skills and knowledge that can apply to any profession beyond graduation.


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