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“Something Crazy”

Posted on Jul 12, 2012 in Short Films

“Something Crazy” is basically… something crazy.  This completely stupid short film was originally shot in 2010 as part of the video sketch comedy site.  Due to the sheer embarrassment by all involved, I didn’t get around to editing the footage until 2012.

As writer/director, I take full responsibility for this nonsense.


Cast and Crew


Writer/Director/Editor – David Kennedy

Producer – Michael Bartley

Director of Photography – John Paul Nielsen

Costume/Makeup – Seth Mannino

Additional Creative – Nick McCord


Gibrickson Mallorey – Michael Bartley

Crazy Guy 2 – David Kennedy

Prisoner – Mark Kasem Ruchirat

Cop 1 – Seth Mannino

Cop 2 – Brian Hurley

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