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Maui Wedding Vacation

Posted on Jul 17, 2009 in Misc. Editing

In a round-about way, this project basically launched my professional video career and I will be forever grateful to the Kimball/McDowell family for encouraging me to pursue my dream seriously. In 2009, my friend’s sister (Shannon Kimball) and her fiance (Shane McDowell) paid for me to join their families on their Maui, Hawaii wedding/vacation. In gratitude, I agreed to document the entire vacation and their wedding. The result of that trip was this 20 minute vacation documentary that also doubled as their official wedding video.

Shot on location in Maui, Hawaii from June 15th-23rd, 2009.

Featuring trips to Kihei, Lahaina, Black Rock, Black Sand Beach, Hana Highway.



Dan Kimball

David Kennedy

Shane McDowell

Shannon McDowell

Erin Kimball

Derek Stong

Nikki Michel

Josh Michel

Mike Long

Ann Long

Kathi McDowell

Don McDowell

Andrew Farhat


Directed and Edited by David Kennedy

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